Our Philosophy in Action

Caliraya LIFEConnect is holistic in that its LIFEConnect programs reach out to the persons’ body, mind, and spirit. Each activity has learning outcomes designed for reflection on each of these aspects.

Body: We approach life from a healthy perspective in terms of nutrition as well as fitness.

We offer skillsets directly addressing the physical aspects of life: culinary courses, nutritional seminars, and physical activities.  This includes activities such as jogging, swimming, and/or biking, yoga, parkour, wall-climbing etc. Through the CLConnect sports team, clients can compete and participate in various competitions such as runs and triathlons. 

Responsibility to those around us and the need each of us have for community is highlighted.

*Outward Bound type courses which focus on a range of physical and mental skills are also on offer 

Mind: We aim to speak to the mental capacities of the person by engaging the mind through life coaching, cognitive-behavioral activities, and workshops.

Coaching sessions will be offered as well as individual and group therapy. Sensory rooms and movement awareness resources are on offer. Career orientation is also included as well as courses such as First-aid, and other basic life-skill courses such as basic accounting and housekeeping/ auto repair. 

Focus on resilience and its role in success is highlighted.

Spiritual: We consider the spiritual dimension in all of life’s matters, recognizing that one aims to be part of something larger than oneself and the importance of being connected to the divine. For us at Caliraya LIFEConnect, while we hold to a Christian values framework which is salient in all programs, we do not discriminate against those of other beliefs.

Spiritual application in the context of our world is highlighted.

Input from spiritual and philosophical background rounds out this focus. On-site seminars are offered by local staff or guest speakers on a wide variety of topics ranging from “Meaning of Life”, to “Politics and Current Events.