Who We Are

Our founders’ almost of two decades of experience in both education and holistic wellness has corroborated this lack of coordinated services in Intentional Self-Care as well as in young adult enrichment education and proactive wellness services, thus inspiring them to move forward with creating such a center. LifeConnect’s Philosophy is realized through this venue of holistic wellness in the effort to reach out to the persons’ body, mind, and spirit.

Our Focus | Intentional Self-Care Programs

Martha Goebel, MA. ‘s multi-cultural and broad educational experience (Philippines, US, Germany) has given her a unique perspective on both ex-patriate and national young adults. With advanced training for both coaching (ICF) and Solution Focused Brief Therapy, she has augmented eighteen years of counseling and program development experience with teens/young adults. 

Udo Goebel (Ph.D.) has 18 years of professional cross-cultural educational experience behind him, added to an already multi-cultural personal learning history. He has been involved with fledgling programs that required curriculum development and assessment and evaluation of new courses.