Integration and Facilities

With each of our activities the individual considers:

  •  Body (how have I physically interacted/reacted to this/?)
  • Mind (what about myself did I discover or become more aware of) and;
  •  Spirit (how can I enhance resilience? Overcome disappointment, embrace challenges?) etc.

Each day offers a mix of stability and flexibility.

While our LIFEConnect programs are community based, individual mentoring, skill-building and exploration are given priority.

Individual Morning Routines: These can include the following: reflection, sports, meditation and personal daily readiness. This time can also be utilized for individual fitness goals.

POD Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner: Part of the focus on community is working together and team-building. Thus, the community will plan meals and learn to prepare as well as divide these responsibilities among themselves. Kitchen staff will be available to help facilitate meals as the community learns the basics of meal preparation.

Weekly Goal Setting/Debriefing: Setting the intentions of the communty is vital in community communication. Focusing on week-long goals and assessing those goals are the focus of the beginning and the end of the week gatherings. Individual goal settings as well as the overall community goals are addressed.

Daily Goal/Debrief: daily updates on individual goals as well as a time to briefly check in with each other on daily agendas, announcements, and community building objectives.

Sessions : the educational / informational core of LIFEConnect includes modules on developing resilience, discovering and building upon personal value foundations, evaluating core competencies, as well as practical methods of coping and focusing on success.

Individual Activities: This includes any recommended mentoring/coaching/therapy sessions, as well as skill-set practice that the individual wishes to focus upon. During this time participants are encouraged to utilize the Smudge Room, the Mandala Meditation Path and the Sensory Garden.

Community Outdoor Activity: For a few hours in the afternoon, participants are expected to participate in various team activities. This includes team building, hiking, trekking, boating, etc.

Evening Activity: After the debriefing, clients may participate in an evening offering. This includes special guest speakers, movies, game night, or simply a time to relax as a group.

Weekend Intensive Activity: One weekend a month, a time intensive experience is on offer. Whether it be a community immersion, and exposure trip, or a community-building outing to the beach or the city, each activity has its own goals and learning outcomes.