Udo Goebel (Ph.D.)

Udo Goebel (Ph.D.), a German national, has 18 years of professional cross-cultural educational experience behind him, added to an already multi-cultural personal learning history. After going to the United States at the age of 16 to experience two years of American high-school, he returned to Germany for a BS in Industrial Business, and then back to the United States for a one year degree in biblical content (1993) further Bachelors in Pastoral Studies from Liberty University (1995) and a Masters in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (1998). He followed that with a PhD in Dogmatics in 2009 from the top Catholic institution in Asia, Loyola Schools of Theology at the ATENO de Manila, Philippines.  Married in 1994 to an American missionary child from the Philippines, they chose ex-patriate living in 2000, with education and training of Asians for Asia being their vision; the Philippines being the training hub of Asia.  Udo’s passion for teaching has led him to be involved in over 5 different colleges, universities and seminaries, instructing on every level and with students of myriad ages, cultures, theological backgrounds and spiritual histories. He has had the unique experience throughout the years in having been involved with fledgling programs that required curriculum development and assessment and evaluation of new courses. His administrative background and skills were utilized at Enderun Colleges as Assistant Dean from 2010-2012. While still involved in supply teaching at several seminaries as well as Enderun Colleges, he was full-time, faculty in the Theology Department at the Ateneo de Manila University, focusing on the senior level integration theology courses from 2010-2016.  In the course of his academic tenure, he has published several articles, among them A Balance Faith, A Balanced Life: Another key to Happiness. Thus, his cross-cultural experience, educational qualifications and background give him unique perspective on education in a global community.

Additionally, persons having difficulty coping with life may compound his problem if carrying unnecessary baggage from religious misconceptions. The Philippines is known for being an openly religious culture. Dr. Goebel has extensive experience in helping clarify helpful from unhelpful mental and emotional patterns connected to religious belief. His own personal belief in God enables him to do this while honoring church orthodoxy and the individual viewpoints of the client. Being able to recognize that insecurity, guilt and anxiety may be connected with misunderstood, but strongly held, religious traditions may clear the way for more complete healing of mental and emotional issues.