Our Focus

Caliraya LIFEConnect streamlines two foci:
First, the center is an oasis for those who commit to Intentional Self-Care; who desire significant progress in terms of their mental, emotional and physical well-being. The center will evaluate, create and guide individuals through a stay which will contribute to steps forward in particular areas of well-being (such as burn-out, depression, anxiety).
Secondly, it is a base for youth enrichment programs, service provision, resources and networking for the overall wellness of young people in the Philippines, ages 18-30.
Philosophy of care is holistic and proactive; with assistance and support in developing resilience, skills and self-awareness taking place in the context of a restorative community.
Participants will tap into our Intentional Self-Care Residential Program offerings . Young adults may take advantage of LIFEConnect (YAP) Gap-year young adult programs.

Youth Enrichment Programs:  refer to links for sample programs: https://usagapyearfairs.org/program/high-mountain-institute

Individual Wellness and Support: refer to link for sample programs: https://www.recoveryandwellness.org

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